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Californian County Where Deadly Shooting Occurred Will Be Mostly Closed For The Week

The Californian county where 14 people were shot and killed on December 2 will close most of its offices for the rest of the week.

The San Bernardino County Board of Supervisors say only those services deemed essential will stay open on Thursday and Friday, reports the Associated Press.

"The county’s role and focus at this point is providing support and safety to our employees, their loved ones, and our community. For that reason, the Board of Supervisors tonight took action to suspend all but only the most essential county services," Board Chairman James Ramos said in a statement posted on County of San Bernardino's website.

Other Californian areas are also closing down temporarily. Some San Diego Regional Centers will also be closed on Thursday in response to the shootings, but will re-open on Friday.

Ron Plotkin of the San Diego Regional Center said via Facebook that the centers, which serve those with developmental disabilities - like the San Bernardino center where the shootings occurred - will be closed as a precautionary measure.

"With shock and horror, we share the tragic mass shooting that occurred at the Inland Regional Center," he wrote. "Our hearts are open with supportive prayers to those in the cross-hairs of this senseless, horrific event," he said.

Police say that county worker, 28-year-old Syed Farook, and his wife, Tashfeen Malik, 27, allegedly killed Farook's colleagues from the Department of Public Health after angrily leaving an office holiday party earlier that morning.

The FBI reveals Farook was in touch with individuals being investigated for international terrorism, reports The New York Post.

However, authorities are still investigating the couple's motives.

“I have no idea why would he do that,” Farhan Khan, Farook's brother-in-law said. “I am in shock myself," The Guardian reports.

Co-workers describe Farook as "living the American dream", with a good job and family.

Reports indicate that Farook had a troubled background, however. Divorce filings from 2006 indicate his Father was abusive to his Mother, and Farooq witnessed several acts of violence growing up.

Sources: Associated Press, County of San Bernardino, San Diego Regional Center Facebook,  The New York Post and The Guardian /Photo Credit: KNBC via The New York Post

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