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Cab Driver In Canada Returns $10,000 Left In Back Seat

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A mother traveling to Calgary, Canada, all the way from China to visit her son nearly made a $10,000 mistake if it hadn’t been for taxi driver Mohammad Khawaja. 

Last Wednesday, a young man going to school in Calgary met his mother at the airport and they both got into Khawaja’s cab, according to the Calgary Sun. The son sat up front, while the mother sat in the back seat with her bag. The rest of the luggage was loaded into the trunk.

They were soon dropped off at a hotel along with their luggage, but nobody realized that the bag the mother had with her in the back seat had been left behind. 

“That was my last trip [and] I dropped them off, went home and then I went to the gym to workout,” Khawaja told the Calgary Sun.

“I didn’t know anything about the bag until 11 [p.m.] when I got back home," he added. "When I got back home my wife told me the driver that was driving on night shift brought back my gym bag — I have one [gym bag] and I had it on my shoulder.”

Khawaja soon realized how important the bag was, considering the amount of money inside. He attempted to track down the woman who owned the bag, though the booking reservation at the hotel was under her son’s name and he couldn’t remember it. 

The next morning, Khawaja was able to find the email that set up the original drive from the airport. He finally tracked the mother and son down and returned the bag. 

“I went there, I gave him the bag and it was a happy ending,” he said. “I feel very proud. I wanted to give it to these people. I feel very glad.”

The mother and son, upon getting the bag back, were so relieved and thankful that they insisted on giving Khawaja an $800 reward. He reluctantly accepted.

“I said I was just doing my job," he said.

Sources: Calgary Sun, Huffington Post Canada

Photo credit: Ad Meskens/Wikipedia CC, Phil Dolby/Flickr CC


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