British Man Caught Dumping Homeless Person's Belongings On The Street 'For No Reason'


A local man in Manchester, England, shocked and upset bystanders when he intentionally damaged a homeless person's possessions.

The unidentified man was seen in video footage throwing the items, which included sleeping bags and a tarpaulin, onto the middle of a busy street in the city's downtown area around 2 p.m. on Feb. 21, the Manchester Evening News reported.

Buses and cars had to swerve around the pile of belongings, damaging some of them.

The items reportedly belonged to a homeless man sleeping in a shop doorway nearby.

Some passersby attempted to stop the man as he was dragging the possessions into the street, but were not able to physically prevent him from carrying out the deed.

“This absolutely vile human being took it upon himself to throw a homeless lad’s stuff in the road for no reason whatsoever," one witness told Manchester Evening News.

“He carried on throwing it in the road until police arrived."

After speaking with the man, police directed him to leave the area and banned him from re-entering the city center for a specified period of time, according to a spokesperson for Greater Manchester Police.

Because no one filed a formal complaint over the incident, however, the officers were not able to take further action against the man.

"He was let go by the police, smiling and whistling," the witness told Manchester Evening News.

The bystander added that the man caused extensive damage to the homeless person's possessions.

“Thanks to him, their sleeping bags are ripped, dog biscuits scattered on the pavement and waterproof plastic sheets torn to shreds," the witness said.

According to a Cambridge University study conducted in July 2015, an estimated 1.3 million British youths between the ages of 16 and 24 have slept without a roof over their heads during the one-year period preceding the study, the Independent reported at the time.

This figure amounted to one in seven, or about 17 percent, of young people in the U.K. 

Sources: Manchester Evening News, Independent / Photo Credit: Google via Manchester Evening News, sharonkubo/Flickr

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