Toddler Defends Grandmother With Metal Pipe (Video)


A video (below) in which a Chinese toddler is seen defending his grandmother with a metal pipe has sparked debate.

The Chinese outlet People’s Daily posted a video that shows a young Chinese boy trying to protect his grandmother from an urban management force known as Chengguan. According to an April 15 Facebook post written by People’s Daily, Chengguan is present throughout various cities, and its members perform various duties, including halting illegal street vendors.

In the video, the boy, who is believed to be around 3 years old, rushes at the alleged Chengguan members with a long metal pipe.

"Don’t touch my grandma!" the toddler shouts, according to a translation from the Huffington Post. "Go away, don’t touch my grandma!"

He then throws the pipe as passersby look on and laugh.

A policeman walks over to the boy and gently leads him to a couch, but he jumps up and starts yelling at the officer.

This video has sparked various online discussions about the child and the reasons he reacted in such a way. While some people think the toddler’s actions were cute, others are concerned about his well-being.  

"All Grandparents should be defended this way!” Zora Renee commented on The Huffington Post. "Bravo to the little boy, no matter how much they tried to quiet him down!"

"Poor fellow," Zong Yi wrote in the comments section of the Facebook post. "He got such a heavy burden on his shoulders."

"A toddler at his age should be having fun but the poverty that made grandma be an illegal hawker to put meals on the table," Gina Tan added on Facebook, "the toddler has to help his grandma makes me pray that this toddler will not grow up to be an aggressive bully who needs to defend himself because no one is there to protect him."

"I've worked in China and am friends with a bunch of journalists in China, and they've told me that the ‘Urban Management Force’ is a euphemism for a bunch of thugs whose job is basically to violently assault homeless people and street vendors to keep them from crowding up the streets (because those people hurt China's image to tourists)," Dyre wrote in the comments section of the YouTube video. " […] The Chinese government doesn't want the real police to be seen doing this kind of dirty work, so they authorize the urban management corps to do it instead."

Chinese People’s Daily noted that "only a short portion [of social media comments] questioned what the Chengguan had done to the kid and his grandma."

Sources: People's Daily, China/Facebook, Huffington Post, People's Daily, China/YouTube / Photo Credit: People's Daily, China/YouTube via Ejin Sight

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