British Men Drag Dog Behind Van While Driving

Photos showing young British men dragging an exhausted dog on March 1 have outraged many.

In the images, the dog -- a tan-colored lurcher -- is being held on a lead by a man sitting in a white van that’s driving around an industrial area in Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire, in the evening, the Mirror reports.

The witness who took the photo said he also heard the men laughing as they carried out the act of cruelty.

"The caller told us he had seen the van circling the industrial estate three times with a dog being dragged behind, and that the people inside the vehicle were laughing,” said the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals inspector Charlotte Melvin said.

"These roads are tarmac surfaces and I'd imagine the dog's feet would have been a painful mess after this awful ordeal. The back doors of the van were open and someone was sat in the back with the dog on a lead running behind. The dog looked exhausted,” she added.

Authorities are looking for the men responsible.

"This is an appalling incident and I'd be interested to hear from anyone who might recognize the dog, the people or the van,” Melvin said.

This is not the first time somebody has dragged a dog around while driving.

In November 2015, a driver in China killed a dog after dragging it behind his pickup truck, reports Daily Mail.

The driver tied the animal to his vehicle with a metal chain before starting the car and driving away.

At first the dog was able to run along, but once the vehicle sped up, he could no longer keep up.

Witnesses who later intervened say the animal died of its injuries on the spot.

Sources: Mirror,Daily Mail / Photo credit: Mirror

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