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Man Catches Two Kids Attempting To Derail Train (Video)

Two schoolchildren were caught on film attempting to derail a train in Melbourne, Australia (video below). 

A young boy and girl wearing their school uniforms were captured putting pieces of wood, debris and rocks on the railroad tracks in a reported attempt to derail a train. 

A bystander spotted the children and decided to record them in case the train did derail.

"I thought the train was going to derail so I decided to film it and see if the train was going to derail but good thing it didn't otherwise this could of been a disaster," the witness wrote in the caption of his video on his YouTube page, Railways Of Doom. He uploaded the video on March 8 and titled it, "Stupid way to risk your life."

After the children placed the wood and debris, the train pulls into the station. Fortunately, the train was not derailed. 

The children watched as the pieces were launched off the tracks into a pile of rocks and the train pulled safely into the station.

It's unclear why the witness did not intervene and stop the kids.

Watch the video the incident above.

Sources: Daily MailRailways of Doom/YouTube / Photo Credit: Railways of Doom/YouTube, Daily Mail

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