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Buses, Cars, Police Crash On Icy Road (Video)

Buses, cars and police vehicles collided on a steep icy road in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, Dec. 5 (video below).

In a video posted to YouTube by Willem Shepherd, the crashes appear to be in slow-motion, but the vehicles' drivers are hitting their brakes, trying to avoid the inevitable disasters that await them.

The video begins with a bus slamming into several cars, and then pushing the vehicles into an intersection, reports The Guardian.

In another clip, a taxi cab slides into the middle of the street, and a pickup truck slams into the rear of a second bus.

A third bus comes sliding down the road and slams into the pickup truck, sandwiching the hapless driver between the buses.

Colin Creado, a local resident, told CBC News: "This time, the bus was full of people, and it couldn't stop. It crashed into the other bus."

Creado checked to see if any bus passengers were injured, and then continued his commute to work.

The video also shows a police car sliding backward on the snow-covered road from street level and bird's eye views.

Once at the office, Creado watched a snow plow smash into a police car, which was resting against a bus; the officers reportedly got out of their squad car before the collision.

"I could see the cop car literally jump in the air. It was pretty powerful," Creado recalled.

Creado said the forecast was for snow, and noted that he was surprised by the city's apparent lack of preparation: "You would have thought ... they would have salted the area or at least cordoned it off, because that road is pretty steep."

Montreal officials did not comment.

Interestingly, there is no footage of road rage on these videos, as one might expect to see in the U.S.

Sources: Willem Shepherd/YouTube, CBC News, The Guardian / Photo credit: Willem Shepherd/YouTube

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