Burglars Shocked To Discover Bodies In Random House And Call Police To Report

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A group of burglars broke into a home in County Limerick, Ireland, and were horrified to discover two dead bodies. Immediately, the robbers picked up the phone and called police.

Reports say that around 3 a.m. on May 18, the burglars made their way into the home of 56-year-old Thomas Ruttle and 63-year-old Julia Holmes to rob them. When they got upstairs, they were shocked to discover Ruttle and Homes’ bodies. Police believe the couple may have been dead for at least two months before being found.

Out of fear of being implicated, the robbers called local police.

“They must have got some shock when they went into the bedroom but, at the same time, they were shrewd enough to realize they had better tell us about it,” a spokesman for Ireland's police, the Garda, told The Irish Times. “They realized that they would have left forensic evidence that we would have been able to trace, so they contacted us as they didn’t want to be linked to the two deaths.”

After finding a gun near the bodies, police initially believed the deaths were the result of a murder-suicide, but new reports say the two had likely been poisoned. It may have been a suicide pact, but tests are still pending.

Holmes was reportedly involved in a number of fraudulent activities over the years, both in Northern Ireland and the U.S., and in March, word of her history of crime had started to get out. Once the media started reporting on her fraud history, the couple virtually vanished from public view.

Police are actively investigating the deaths, and it’s not clear if those who broke into the home have been charged with attempted robbery.

Sources: The Irish Times, Irish Examiner

Photo Sources: Irish Examiner, The Irish Times


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