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Syrian Army Captures ISIS Executioner The Bulldozer

The Syrian army reportedly captured the Islamic State executioner known as the Bulldozer.

The man appeared in a number of execution videos and carried out amputations, according to Daily Mail.

A crowd gathered to take pictures of the man, who was photographed lying in the back of a truck, and celebrate his capture.

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The Bulldozer often appeared dressed in black and carrying a 3-foot-long sword, which he used to execute prisoners.

A 14-year-old Syrian named Omar was one of the Bulldozer’s victims. After Omar refused to join ISIS in 2015, the Bulldozer chopped off his hand and foot after enduring one month of torture.

The boy said the Bulldozer gathered a crowd of children to witness the amputation.

Although the Bulldozer’s face has not been seen on camera, pictures of him first surfaced in June 2014.

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An image released in March of an overweight militant fueled speculation it was the Bulldozer, but this was unconfirmed.

He was last seen in a video less than two weeks ago. On May 21, the Daily Mirror reported on a new video released by the terrorist group showing the Bulldozer participating in three different execution methods.

News of Bulldozer's capture comes as U.S.-backed forces are waging offensives against Islamic State militants on two fronts. Iraqi troops advanced to rural areas surrounding the town of Fallujah, the closest town to the capital, Baghdad, held by the Jihadi group, Reuters reported.

The Iraqi Prime Minister ordered the troops to halt before entering the city, in a move allegedly aimed at protecting civilians.

In Syria, a coalition of Arab and Kurdish forces has launched attacks to take back villages from ISIS on the Turkish border. If it is successful, then it would cut off the last link the Islamic State has to the outside world.

The group has used this route to send terrorists to Europe and receive supplies and recruits. It has access to around 50 miles of the Turkish border.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said that U.S.-led air strikes support the offensive in the border region resulted in the deaths of 15 civilians, including three children, in the past 24 hours.

Sources: Daily Mail, Daily Mirror, Reuters / Photo credit: Daily Mail

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