Woman Says Domino's Manager Admitted To Spitting On Her Food


A British woman is furious after a manager at Domino's Pizza reportedly told her he had spat on her Tandoori chicken pizza after she called the store to complain about her order.

Stacey Baxter, 23, of Milton Keynes, England, said she and her partner, Dean Guess, ordered delivery from a local Domino's restaurant on Dec. 18, OneMK reported. When their order arrived, they discovered that two honey mustard dips that had come with their food were dated August 2015 and that the chicken strips were "cold and discolored," according to Mirror Online.  

The potato wedges that came with the order were reportedly also cold.

After Baxter called the store to complain, a replacement order was sent to her home. Although the manager on the phone had asked Baxter to return the original order to the driver, she refused to return the out-of-date dips because she wanted to show them to the Domino's human resources department.

It was then that things began to get heated.

"The store manager then phoned again and started shouting at us saying we had stolen the food and that we had to return the fresh order immediately," Baxter told the Mirror.

"When I refused, he said: 'Okay whatever, enjoy your food because I spat in it,' and hung up," she said. "I was in shock and couldn't believe what we had just heard."

(Picture of Domino's dips that Stacey Baxter received, dated August 2015. Photo Credit: Stacey Baxter via OneMK)

(Discolored Domino's chicken strips that Stacey Baxter received. Photo Credit: Stacey Baxter via OneMK)

After Baxter wrote about her ordeal on Domino UK's Facebook page, a spokesperson for the pizza chain posted on the same page assuring her that the complaint is being investigated, the Mirror reported.

"Justice will be done for Stacey!" the post promised.

Baxter's original Facebook post has been shared more than 390 times by Dec. 21. 

Domino's Pizza has released the following statement in response to the incident, according to OneMK:

“We would like to thank Ms Baxter for raising her concerns and giving us the opportunity to address them. We take food safety extremely seriously and have raised this matter urgently with the store.

"Unfortunately, there was a mix-up with the dips with a new team member who has now been re-trained on date management. The Store Manager has apologized for any miscommunication and assured us that under no circumstances was any threat made to Ms Baxter’s food.

"Customer satisfaction will always be highest priority to us and the team will be contacting Ms Baxter directly by way of apology."

Baxter said she was disgusted by the manager's behavior.

"I cannot and will not leave it until something is done," she told OneMK. "All I want is an apology, a refund, and something to suggest this won't happen again."

Sources: OneMK, Mirror Online / Photo Credit: OneMK

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