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British Woman, 59, Wants To Give Birth To Dead Daughter's Baby

An unidentified British woman, 59, is fighting in court to get her dead daughter's frozen eggs so she can give birth via in vitro fertilization to a grandchild.

The woman, and her husband, 58, claim their daughter's last wish was for her frozen eggs to be fertilized with the sperm of a donor and placed inside her mother's womb, notes The Independent.

The daughter died at age 23 from bowel cancer in 2011, but had three of her eggs frozen at an IVF facility in London in 2008.

The Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority is refusing to allow the daughter's eggs to be moved from London to a New York fertility treatment clinic, which is offering to provide the implantation for about $92,000.

The mom would be at high risk for a miscarriage because of her age. That's likely why clinics in the U.K. don't want to take the chance.

The HFEA claims there is no written consent to prove the daughter wanted her mother to use donor sperm and give birth to the child, and will not allow the mother to take the eggs out of the U.K.

According to the Daily Mail, the mom is challenging the HFEA's ruling in front of a High Court judge this week.

While the daughter did sign paperwork to have her eggs stored, she didn't specify how the eggs could be used, which the HFEA believes is a consent problem.

The mother claims her daughter verbally agreed that if she (the daughter) could not carry the child then the mom would do it for her.

Sources: The Independent, Daily Mail
Image Credit: Pixabay


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