British TV Host Compares Support For Gay Marriage To Supporting ISIS (Video)

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British TV host Coleen Nolan recently compared supporting gay rights to voicing support for the Islamic State (ISIS).

Nolan made the comments on the UK TV show "Loose Women" on May 19 during a discussion about the Ashers Baking Company in Northern Ireland, noted the Daily Mirror.

The bakery wouldn't make a cake that said "Support Gay Marriage" because of its Christian beliefs, and was found guilty of discrimination.

Nolan said:

At the end of the day, if you went in somewhere and then two days later they said, "We don't want to make your cake because of our beliefs." You wouldn't want to, you just never go back to that shop, you know what you mean. and you'd probably say to all your gay friends, "Don't go there, they're anti-gay and all that," boycott it.

Moments later, Nolan added:

What about if somebody walked in and said, "I want a cake and I want the whole Islamic State on it and how I support it and how I support them killing our people." Because it's a business, do they have to make it? And if they turn around and say they're not making it, we'd all applaud it.

The Independent reports that Nolan was skewered on Twitter:

@loosewomen I demand an apology on air from Coleen, for comparing the fight for equal marriage in NI with the doings of ISIS. UNACCEPTABLE.

I hope you get fired for that @NolanColeen

Dear Coleen Nolan, being gay is NOT a choice, but being a murderous terrorist IS a choice. Think before you open that uneducated gob.

Gosh. Just caught up with Coleen Nolan comparing supporting gay rights with supporting ISIS. WTF is wrong with people?

I am shocked and appalled that @ITV have allowed @NolanColeen to say that on air. Such a disgusting opinion. She is so offensive

ITV, the UK broadcaster that airs "Loose Women," has declined to comment.

(Note: Nolan's comments come at the 3:20 mark)

Sources: Daily Mirror,The Independent
Image Credit: ITV Screenshot


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