Teen's Prank On Her Mom Goes Wrong (Photo)

One teen decided to prank her mother by faking a kidnapping. Her mother was not happy when she found out the truth.

“You didn’t tell me the decorator man was coming,” Lily Sharp wrote to her mother. “Thought he was tryna trick me into getting into the house [sic]”

In screen shots of the conversation that Sharp later uploaded to the Internet, her baffled mother texted back and demanded that Sharp call her.

“What decorator?!?!!” Sharp’s mother texted.

Sharp then pretended to be a kidnapper named Victor who demanded $6,000 for Sharp’s safe return.

When Sharp’s mother reported that police were on their way to the house, Sharp snapped out of the persona and admitted that the texts were a prank. Unsurprisingly, Sharp’s mother was not amused.  

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Sources: Metro, Closer Online / Photo Credit: Metro 


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