British Sniper Shoots ISIS Suicide Bombers As They Try To Attack A Town


A British sniper reportedly took out five ISIS jihadists as they tried to leave a bomb factory in Iraq to launch an attack on a nearby town in early December.

The Express reports the unnamed SAS marksman used only three bullets to kill three suicide bombers and two guards, potentially saving hundreds of people living nearby. The bomb factory, which is in a house surrounded by civilian houses, is reportedly near the Iraqi city of Mosul, which ISIS has controlled since July 2014.

The sniper opened fire on the extremists after the three men were seen leaving the bomb factory in heavy coats, despite hot weather. The terrorists had concealed bombs under their coats and allegedly hoped to carry out a suicide mission in a nearby town, the Express reports.

The first shot fired by the SAS sniper from almost 900 yards reportedly took out three extremists. The first ISIS militant's suicide vest exploded as soon as the bullet hit him in the center of the chest. The explosion also killed two ISIS guards sitting in a nearby car.

The other two fighters tried to get back into the factory after seeing what happened to the first man and the guards, but one was shot in the head while the other died when a third, well-placed bullet hit his suicide vest.

A source from the British Army clarified the nature of the sniper's success in taking out the extremists:

 “This was a classic SAS mission. The unit had been operating in the area for several weeks, mainly working as spotters for airstrikes and gathering intelligence.  About three weeks ago the intelligence guys got information that a bomb factory had been set up in a nearby village.

“The unit was sent in to see if they could identify the house and the bombers.  There were too many civilian homes nearby and children were often around so an airstrike was out of the question.  Instead, the SAS commander in Iraq decided to use a sniper team and the operation was a complete success. With just three well-aimed shots that single team has probably saved the lives of hundreds of innocent people.”

As the Mirror highlights, an SAS sniper in August saved a Shiite man and his son from an imminent beheading by ISIS extremists, by shooting the would-be executioner while he was addressing a crowd of people.

Sources:  Express, Mirror / Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons

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