British Parliament Hits Trump With Every Insult Imaginable During Debate On Ban


Donald Trump was called nearly every insult in the book during a debate by the British Parliament to determine whether or not the presidential candidate should be banned from the U.K. 

During the three-hour debate, which followed a petition that garnered 570,000 signatures, Trump was referred to by MPs as a “buffoon,” a “demagogue” and a “wazzock.”

“Let’s, as this House, send a very clear message to British Muslims that we value you, we value your contribution, and we will take this petition very seriously,” MP Dr. Sarah Woollaston said of Trump’s controversial comments on Muslims in the U.S. 

Woollaston sent a message to Trump, calling on him to “reflect on the consequences” of his “religious bigotry.”

“If you do visit this country, take time to visit the Mosques. Take time to reflect on how dangerous that kind of rhetoric is,” she said. 

While the MPs ultimately decided not to take direct action against Trump or have a vote on the issue, they agreed that the petition was “duly considered.”

Immigration Minister James Brokenshire responded to the debate on behalf of the government, saying that Trump’s suggestion to ban Muslims from the United States overlooked the fact that Muslims are also victims of terrorism.

“We've also had comments in relation to Donald Trump's comments in respect of investment in Scotland - the UK government has never given Mr Trump awards or appointments,” he added.

“Mr Trump has threatened to withhold investment in Scotland in response to the calls to ban him from the UK. Over the years Mr Trump has made a number of statements about the different scale of his investment in the UK and his willingness to maintain them. The UK is the number one destination in European Union for inward investment, the World Bank has ranked the UK as the sixth easiest place in the world to do business, so any [organization] that makes promises about investment in the UK should live up to those promises."

Sources: Telegraph, BBC / Photo credit: Gage Skidmore via Flickr

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