British News Hosts Call Trump 'Terrifying' (Video)


British news hosts and guests on the U.K.'s "Sky News" described Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump as "terrifying" and "frightening" on March 16 (video below).

According to, the Brits were discussing Trump's five-state primary win from March 15.

“It is amazing," a male guest stated. "And when you see some of the scenes that are going on over there, it’s just extraordinary. It is quite frightening, I think. It looks as though we could have Trump as the president."

“I’m not quite sure how we’re going to cope,” he added. “Hillary is doing well. So, you know, but I mean it is quite phenomenal. When you see some of the pictures of Trump [rallies] a lot of them have been canceled because there’s a lot of danger arising now from his supporters. It is terrifying. I think it is Middle West gun-shooting people who are finding him exciting.”

“They’ve got a lot of sway with the electorate though, you know, the Middle West gun-toter,” a male news anchor added.

"Absolutely, it's huge," the male guest said.

“It’s not so terrifying that he’s there,” a female guest stated. “It’s that this is what America seems to want.”

“Yes, that is the terrifying thing,” the male guest chimed in.

"And it's his word, but it seems to be right, that he is unstoppable," the female guest interjected.

The female news anchor asked, "Do you find it a frightening prospect in terms of a lot of people in Britain will go, 'What does it matter to us if Donald Trump becomes president?'"

“His communication with our world, with Europe or Britain and the rest of Europe, is going to be everything,” the female guest opined. “It’s key, of course, it is. Is Trump going to be able to have a relationship with Putin? How is this going to work?”

“He’ll shoot him,” the male guest added. "He’ll shoot him."

Univision news host Jorge Ramos expressed his disgust with Trump and the coverage the GOP front-runner gets on Fox News during an interview with Fox News host Bill O'Reilly on March 16.

O'Reilly repeatedly asked Ramos if he and other Univision journalists could cover Trump fairly given the Spanish language cable channel's criticism of the GOP front-runner.

However, Ramos turned it around and told O'Reilly that he and fellow Fox News host Sean Hannity had not been tough on Trump, notes

"Corruption, public life, dictatorship, and human rights," Ramos stated. "If you don't take a stand in those instances, then what's our goal as journalists? I think you have to be tougher on Donald Trump. You haven't been tough on him."

Sources:,, Fox News / Photo credit: Sky News via YouTube

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