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British Mother-Of-Eight Worries Benefits Cap Could Leave Her Homeless


A single mother-of-eight in England said she’s worried that a recent cap on government benefits could leave her and her children homeless.

Marie Buchan, who currently gets $40,304 per year in government benefits, told reporters that the newly announced budget — which included a $31,003 benefits cap for residents living outside of London — could put her and her family at risk, Mirror reports.

“There are nine of us to feed and we are not living in luxury,” Buchan told The Birmingham Mail. “There’s not a lot left now.”

The jobless mother said the $9,301 drop in income could force her out of her four-bedroom home. Buchan has reportedly already been faced with possible eviction after falling behind on rent payments, according to Metro UK.

Her children, who range in age from 21 months to 13 years, would be left homeless if they were evicted.

Buchan has come to be known as the “welfare queen” in the U.K. and said that the decision to live on benefits from the government was made because she has to spend time taking care of her eight children instead of working.

“What really gets to me is I have had so much hate from over the world,” she told The Birmingham Mail. “People say I’m lazy and take, take, take. But I’m a mum of eight who is under the cap and works hard raising my eight children – a full-time job on its own.”

According to Buchan, she took courses for a job with the National Health Service (NHS) but was ultimately told that her youngest child would not be eligible for childcare services.

“I really want to work, but right now no one is willing to help in any way,” she said.

“All I’m being told is to wait until my youngest is five," she added. "Working 16 hours will help me so much – yet I will be taking more from the state by working through [help with] rent, childcare and council tax.

"Right now I’m not getting any help, even though I’ve tried every angle possible.”

Sources: Metro, Daily Mirror

Photo Credit: BPM via, Jonathan Rolande/Flickr


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