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British Mother Allegedly Has Newborn Baby Seized By Spanish Hospital

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A British mother told reporters she feels a though she is “being tortured” by a Spanish hospital after her infant was taken by medical professionals. They reportedly provide limited access to her child as she awaits DNA testing results to show that the baby is indeed hers.

Stacie Cottle, 27, reportedly had her 3-week-old daughter Anzelika taken by the hospital and it has restricted her access to the infant.

“I’m desperate to be with my baby,” Cottle said. “I feel like I’m being tortured on purpose.”

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Cottle says the authorities at the hospital only allow her to breast-feed her baby every three hours under the supervision of an official. She is also barred from bringing her child outside or to any other room in the hospital and cannot dress the child in clothes or bring her toys.

The baby’s grandmother is only allowed to visit for one hour a day when the infant is sleeping and she cannot touch her.

The issue began when Cottle went into labor at her mother’s apartment in Spain. She gave birth to the child there and was later taken to a hospital in Velez-Malaga. There, doctors told her it was impossible that the infant belonged to her as she was too big to be a newborn.

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They gave Cottle an examination to prove that she had given birth and then insisted they conduct a DNA test. According to the hospital, they have “no idea” when her results will be in.

Cottle has been at the hospital for three weeks.

“I just want to be with her,” the mother said. “I want to be able to take her outside into the sun. She is a healthy baby — the worst place for her is a hospital and it is harming her.”

According to the family, they believe race is playing a role in why they are receiving this treatment. The hospital denies these claims. 

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Source: Daily Mail, The Independent

Photo Credit: Daily Mail 


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