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British Man On Welfare Blames Government For Not Encouraging Him To Get A Job

A British man who ended up relying on benefits says he blames the government for not giving him an incentive to find work.

Daniel Shaw, 24, claims that the government’s generosity stopped him from looking for work after he received over $25,000 in benefits, Manchester Evening News reports.

Shaw was unemployed for two years and said the large sum of money meant that he didn’t have a reason to find work. However, after gambling that money away and still not searching for a job, he had to rely on food banks to survive.

He has now appeared in a TV special about people who claim benefits to tell his story.

“As it stands I am earning more now than someone on minimum wage in a shop,” Shaw told Channel 5 in the documentary "Benefits," which aired on Oct. 26.

“I want a job but it makes me think ‘why?’ when I am on more money from benefits," he added. "It’s the government’s fault, they are basically making me pick the easy way because they are giving me so much money, it’s ridiculous.”

Daniel blamed the government for not only taking away his incentive to work but also allowing him to gamble his benefits away.

“I got a same day benefits payment and I blew it all in the casino,” he said. “I lost $633 which was to last me a fortnight. The government gave me all my money on the same day and I have gambled it away so it is them to blame.”

Shaw said that he is “entitled” to the money and that there are no restrictions on what he is allowed to spend it on.

After his benefits were gambled away, he had to turn to food banks for survival.

“Food banks are there to help people like me on benefits get out of the sticky situation you find yourself in,” he said. “I got $150 loan from my cousin and I could have used that to buy food but this service is here to help me. I am entitled to it so why aren’t I going to take it?”

Daniel admitted to having been in trouble with the law 20 times. He has reportedly been convicted for drinking in public, assault, criminal damage, and breach of the peace. He did time in prison and said it made him determined to obey the law.

At the end of the documentary, Daniel revealed that he now has a job in Manchester, England.

Sources:, Manchester Evening News

Photo Credit: Channel 5 via


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