British Couple Blows $72K In Lottery Winnings, Applies For Government Benefits


An unemployed British couple that won $72,000 in the lottery and blew it in one year has been denied government benefits.

Around Christmas 2014, Jamie and Abbie Hort celebrated with their lottery winnings. By late 2015, they had spent all of their money. The couple purchased designer clothes, new furniture and a 50-inch TV.

Now, the money is gone and the couple faces eviction from an apartment they can’t afford. The couple from Guernsey, in Britain's Channel Islands, hoped to receive income support and housing benefits.

The Horts admitted they were “silly” with their winnings, but that they deserved nice things. Despite their plea, their application for benefits was denied.

Abbie has responded to those criticizing her for being a “scrounger” by saying that her financial needs are none of their business.

“We are not scroungers. We just don’t have any money and we think the government should be there to help us,” Abbie said.

Guernsey's Social Security department has accused the Holts of not being able to account for $35,000 of their winnings, which is why it turned down their application.

Abbie claims she is searching for a job and that her husband is a scaffolder, but there’s no work for him.

“This has been going on for a few months but no-one is helping us,” Abbie said. “The social are also saying that even if we did get some help in future it would only be half of what we used to get.”

A spokesman for Social Security said he was unable to comment on individual cases.

Sources: Mirror, USA-UK News / Photo credit: Mirror 

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