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British Couple On Benefits Spends $7,780 For Wedding On Taxpayers' Dime, Wants Government To Pay For Honeymoon (Photos)

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​A British couple spent $7,780 for their wedding with taxpayers' money using benefits they receive from the government.

Richard Broom, a 35-year-old Kent, England, resident, married his 61-year-old bride, Sandra Gallagher, in a ceremony funded by the $2,956 per month they get from the government. 

“Thanks to the taxpayer we were able to have a great day,” Broom, who quit his job five years ago to become an actor, said. “We are lucky to have a system that allows that in the UK. We deserve a marriage or wedding bonus funded by taxpayers because when people on ­benefits marry they get less money. It’s something that would encourage other benefits couples to marry. We’ve saved [$933.60] for our honeymoon and want the Government to match it.”

Gallagher, who reportedly hasn’t worked in four decades, said she also chipped in for the big day.

“We’ve saved money from our benefits, borrowed from friends and family,” the grandmother of 20 said. “Getting married is a human right and to be denied it is wrong. We’re waiting to save more money for our honeymoon, but hoping the Government will offer a ­honeymoon voucher or bonus. Benefits people shouldn’t be slagged off for being on benefits or criticised [sic] for having a nice wedding. We’re just like normal people and benefit haters don’t know how we’ve suffered on limited funds.”

The couple, according to reports, spent $1,556 on their engagement — half on a ring and half on a celebration. The wedding, which included an $1,245 dress, cost a total of $6,224. Gallagher, a mother of seven, lives on Employment Support Allowance because of health issues brought on by kidney stones. Despite her health problems, however, Gallagher plans to have more children with her new husband.

“We’ve had many offers for people to be surrogates for Sandra,” Broom said. “That will be next on the agenda. We’re also considering applying to have a donor egg implanted into Sandra on the NHS. We’ll probably get abuse for that but we’re used to being abused for our age gap and benefits. We no longer care because love conquers all.”

Broom said that he stopped looking for a job once the wedding planning began, as the big day became a “full-time job” in itself.

“After the initial [$1,556] on the engagement the wedding registration and church booking set us back a further [$1,244.80],” he said. “My suit cost another [$124.48], the dresses for the maid of honour [sic], two bridesmaids, and two flower girls another [$466.80]. Flowers and decorations came in at [$233.40].”

The couple is now reportedly trying to get the government to pay for their honeymoon in Malaysia.

Sources: Daily MirrorDaily Mail

Photo Credit: Daily Mirror


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