Bride Left Embarrassed After Wedding Crasher Reveals Shocking Secret About Groom


A Zimbabwean bride was stunned when her would-be husband’s wife interrupted the wedding in Bulawayo on Dec. 27 and announced that he was already married and had children.

Ndodana Chifamba, 46, had been living a double life -- and his wife knew nothing of it, the Chronicle, a local media site, reports. It was not until Chifamba was set to marry another woman that his wife of 20 years, 42-year-old Josephine Mhlanga, learned the truth. Mhlanga told the Chronicle that she learned about the wedding just hours before the ceremony after Chifamba’s relatives revealed the secret to her. 

Mhlanga attended the wedding and spoke up when the pastor asked if anyone objected to the union.

Both Chifamba and his lover were shocked and embarrassed by the revelation. The pastor later brought the families together to discuss the issue in private.

At the time, Chifamba still lived with his wife -- sometimes leaving for days at a time and saying that he was going on business trips to South Africa, according to Mhlanga. They also had two children together, one of whom is reportedly studying at a university.

In the end, Mhlanga's family reportedly decided that Chifamba should not be allowed to marry his lover until he finished paying lobola for their daughter. "Lobola" is a southern African tradition in which a man pays a price for his bride.

Sources: Worldwide Weird News, Chronicle / Photo credit: Chronicle, Worldwide Weird News

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