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Mistress Crashes Her Lover's Wedding (Video)

A video of a man's secret lover crashing his wedding while wearing the same white wedding dress as his bride is going viral (video below).

The ceremony, which is believed to have taken place in Ghana, was going smoothly until the groom's secret mistress stormed in wearing the same white wedding dress as the bride, the Daily Mirror reports.

In the video, the crowd is heard screaming as the mistress confronts the groom. She snatches the microphone and reportedly tells attendees that the groom was a philanderer, according to the Daily Mail. She was speaking in a local dialect.

Groomsmen and bridesmaids allegedly tried escorting the mistress out of the ceremony, but she refused to exit. The groom and bride stood side by side during the confrontation.

The confrontation eventually led to a fight inside the hall, according to Ghana Audiovisual News. It is unknown whether the groom and bride tied the knot.

The Ghanaian news outlet uploaded the video on YouTube, which has already been viewed more than 80,000 times, according to the Daily Mirror.

This is not the first time a mistress has crashed her lover's wedding. In a similar video released in May, a woman is heard clapping and shouting during the wedding, saying, "So this is what you left my house for this morning?" the Daily Mirror reported.

"And the other night?" the woman asks the groom, as the crowd watches in shock.

Another woman eventually began walking towards the mistress. The attendee recording the video is heard saying, "She's got to go."

It is also unknown if that wedding ceremony ended successfully.

Sources: Daily Mail, Daily Mirror / Photo Credit: Cliff/Wikimedia Commons

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