Brexit Voter: It's To Stop The Muslims (Video)

An unidentified British voter said on June 24 that the vote (Brexit) to leave the European Union will keep Muslim people out (video below).

The voter made his comments to UK's Channel 4 News: "It’s all about immigration. It’s not about trade or Europe or anything like that ... It’s to stop the Muslims coming into this country. Simple as that."

However, Britain's leaving the EU will affect trade and its relationship with Europe.

"Do you think you voted to leave the EU to stop Muslims coming to the country?," reporter Ciaran Jenkins asked, notes Raw Story.

"To stop immigration," the man replied. "The movement of people in Europe, fair enough. But not from Africa, Syria, Iraq, everywhere else. It’s all wrong."

Africa, Syria and Iraq are not part of the European Union, according to Gov.UK, so those countries will not be affected. However, it will be harder for those in European countries to immigrate.

An unidentified woman told Channel 4 News, "My parents, my grandparents fought for England to be free and it's about time that we come back to be free."

Jenkins asked the woman what it felt like, and she replied: "Great, it feels lovely. So I'm very pleased."

It's not clear what the woman meant by the UK being free, but nothing has changed regarding Brits' individual liberties.

Another man told the UK news station how he disliked foreign officials telling Britain what to do.

A second woman told Channel 4 News: "I'm so happy because I'm very proud to be British and it just makes me feel very patriotic. Yes, I think it's put England on the globe back again I feel very proud."

Brexit certainly put England in the world news. In just 24 hours, the British Pound fell to its lowest value since 1985, UK Prime Minister David Cameron resigned and the Dow Jones dropped 600 points in the U.S.

Adam, another Brexit voter, told BBC News that he regretted his vote:

I’m a bit shocked to be honest. I’m shocked that we actually have voted to leave, I didn’t think that was going to happen My vote, I didn’t think was going to matter too much because I thought we were just going to remain, and the David Cameron resignation has blown me away, to be honest. I think the period of uncertainty that we’re going to have for the next couple of months, that’s just been magnified now, so yeah, quite worried.

Sources: Raw Story, Gov.UKBBC News via India 24x7/YouTube / Photo Credit: Channel 4 News via YouTube

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