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Braless TV News Anchor Replaces Former Braless Anchor (Video)

Greta Hoxha recently became the new braless anchor of an Albanian TV news station (video below) after the former braless anchor, Enki Bracaj, signed up to do a photoshoot for Playboy.

TV station CEO Islet Drishti said that Bracaj was suspended for signing with the magazine, noted Metro News.

While Albania is a conservative country that does not allow nudity, Bracaj originally got her news job by auditioning with her shirt open.

Sitting in Bracaj's chair, Hoxha delivered the news on Fire TV in a very skimpy red top that barely covered her, notes the Daily Mirror.

Hoxha apparently scored additionally points because she wore her country's colors as a patriotic reminder of Albania being liberated from the Nazis.

"It underlines why I love working in the media," Hoxha stated. "We are doing something here which is original."

"If the truth be told, I am not surprised that we get a lot of attention," Hoxha added.

"I want to send the message that when people tune into my show they will get the 'naked' truth, nothing slanted left or right."

Sources: Daily Mirror, Metro News / Photo Credit: YouTube Screenshot

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