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Boyfriend Digs Up Girlfriend's Grave For Odd Reason

Boyfriend Digs Up Girlfriend's Grave For Odd Reason Promo Image

A Russian man has been arrested after digging up his late girlfriend's grave and setting the corpse on fire, claiming that his ex-lover's spirit was haunting him.

After his 17-year-old girlfriend, Olga Gileva, died five years ago, Yuriy Golovin, 30, said that her spirit has been tormenting him and that she has been haunting his dreams, the Daily Mail reports.

"He want to a sorceress and was advised to get her body out of her grave and burn it," an unnamed source close to Golovin said.

Gileva was an orphan who committed suicide in 2012 after being sent back to a foster home.

"She was taken in by a foster family, but then they returned her to the orphanage and she could not cope with this," said one of her friends.

Oleg Ivanov, one of Gileva's friends, discovered the disturbed grave when he was visiting to pay her respects. He later saw pictures on social media of a man lying on her coffin, possibly even sleeping there. The poster described how Golovin asked to dig up the woman's grave so he could set her remains on fire.

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"He told me that he was asked by this girl's boyfriend to dig the grave," the post read.

The fire caused significant damage to the woman's coffin, but did not fully destroy it. Police have arrested Golovin and another 23-year-old believed to be an accomplice. Both could face up to five years in prison.

The incident took place in Menschikovo village, which is 1,075 miles east of Moscow. Small, rural villages in Russia still heavily believe in the power of superstition and sorcery, according to The New York Times.

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In 1997, two men from a small, remote village killed one woman and seriously injured another, believing that they were sorceresses who cast a spell on them.

Armed with hammers and knives, they beat the two women in their village homes. The woman they were initially after, Tanya Tarasova, survived but suffered several hammer blows to the head.

''We went there to kill the entire family,'' they proclaimed in a statement the following day. ''Because Tanya has used her black magic and sent ruination upon us.''

The police officer spearheading the investigation said that witchcraft is an essential part of Russian culture, even in its most civilized parts.

"You can go anywhere in Russia these days and witchcraft is a daily part of life," he said.

Sources: Daily Mail, The New York Times / Featured Image: Christopher Sessums/Flickr / Embedded Images: Eli Duke/FlickrKevin M Klerks/Flickr

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