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Boy Saves Goat From Hindu Ceremonial Slaughter In Nepal (Video)

Mass numbers of goats and other animals are slaughtered by people in Nepal who are hoping to find favor with the Hindu goddess Gadhimai (video below).

According to CNN, tens of thousands of animals are killed with knives by faithful Hindus, about 80 percent of the population, during the Gadhimai festival.

A video recently surfaced on Facebook of a small boy in Nepal apparently protesting the upcoming killing of his goat and saving the animal's life, notes the Friendly Atheist.

The Facebook page states: "This was Adrian's first visit to Nepal and first visit to a temple. When Adrian accidentally spotted a goat being slaughtered, he realized his new animal friend was next in line. Watch what happened next."

In the video, the boy cries and refuses to allow his goat to be sacrificed until his parents give in. As they leave the temple area with the goat, his parents seem to have a change of heart and take their child's side.

Sources: CNN, Facebook, Friendly Atheist / Image credit: Screenshot via Facebook


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