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Boy Murdered In Nepal For Human Sacrifice Ritual, 11 Arrested

A Nepalese man confessed to killing a 10-year-old boy after following a holy man's advice to sacrifice a human for his sick son, according to local police.

Jivan Kohar's body was found on July 24 outside of Kudiya village, located in southwest Nepal, after he was reported missing on July 21.

Kodai Hirijan, 35, admitted to cutting the 10-year-old's throat with a sickle to lure away spirits he believed to have caused his 18-year-old son to grow sick, the Daily Mail reported.

Harijan and his family members told police that they lured Jivan away from his village into a temple with biscuits and by promising to give him 50 rupees. After a religious ritual at the temple, Jiyan was taken to a nearby field, where three people held him to the ground while another slit his throat.

When Jiyan was found in a bush, his head was almost completely severed from his body, according to police.

After the incident, Kodai fled to India, but was caught after his wife told the police about the 10-year-old's murder.

Eleven people have been arrested in total, including the holy man, and at least five have confessed to their involvement in the killing itself.

Villagers who learned of the incident took to the streets and vandalized Kodai's house, according to The Himalayan Times.

Hari Prasad Mainai, chief district officer for Nawalparasi, spoke to CNN about the community's belief in superstition and sacrifice.

"(It's) very unfortunate what happened," he said. "From the government level, we are going to launch (an) awareness program against these superstitions in the villages of Nawalparasi district."

Sources: CNNThe Himalayan TimesThe Daily Mail

Photo Credit: Bidrohi Giri via CNN


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