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Boy Eaten Alive By Crocodile While Playing In Mexican River

A father had to watch on in horror as his 7-year-old son was eaten alive by a crocodile in Mexico this past weekend.

Manuel Abraham had been playing with a balloon in the Barra Santa Ana river, near the city of Lazaro Cardenas in Michoacan province, when the incident occurred. According to Daily Mail, the balloon landed on the river bank, and Abraham went to retrieve it.

His father turned around to see a crocodile with its jaws around his son’s head. The crocodile dragged the boy under the water and vanished from view. Although other witnesses sought to come to Abraham’s aid, they were too late.

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The father, whose name was not released, said that no-one had informed him of the risk of crocodiles in the area.

However, the area has been prone to such attacks in recent times, with the killing of Abraham being the eighth attack by a crocodile on a human in the Barra Santa Ana estuary over the last two years.

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The city authorities mobilized the military to assist in the search, and fishermen and Civil Protection units also took part. But no trace of the boy was found by nightfall.

The Mexican environment ministry has also become involved, ordering that all crocodiles captured in the region be washed out to determine whether any human remains are inside. This was confirmed by Heberto Camacho, head of the city’s Civil Protection unit.

Sources: Daily MailScallywagandvagabond/ Photo Credit: Daily Mail


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