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Boy Accidentally Punches Hole In $1.5 Million Painting (Video)

A Taiwanese 12-year-old boy was caught on a museum surveillance video (below) accidentally damaging a Paolo Porpora oil painting entitled "Flowers" that is about 350 years old.

The painting, worth a reported $1.5 million, was part of an art show entitled: "The Face of Leonardo, Images of a Genius" in Taipei, Taiwan, on Aug. 23.

In the video, the boy bumps into the painting's display, loses his balance, falls over a security rope and puts his hands, one of which is holding a soda can, on the expensive artwork, notes The Telegraph.

The boy left a hole in the painting, reports The Guardian.

Sun Chi-hsuan, the head of exhibition, told CNA English News that Andrea Rossi, curator of the exhibition, requested that the boy not be blamed and his family not have to fork out the money to restore the 17th century oil painting.

According to Sun, Rossi is going to talk an art restorer in Taiwan before the piece is shipped back to its owner in Italy.

Sun added that the art show organizers are going to ask an insurance company to pay for the restoration and reimburse the painting's owner.

The boy has become a YouTube star as the video had more than 1.6 million views in the first two days after it was posted.

Sources: The Telegraph,CNA English News via, The Guardian / Photo credit: Screenshot via YouTube


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