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Report: Boxer Cuts Off Man's Penis After Discovering His Wife Is Having An Affair

A Japanese man was arrested after he reportedly cut off another man’s penis with garden shears and flushed it down the toilet.

Ikki Kodukai, a 24-year-old boxer and graduate student, reportedly attacked the man after discovering he had been sleeping with his wife. Kodukai burst into the man’s office, punched him repeatedly, and then pulled his pants off to cut off his penis, reports The Straits Times. After removing the penis, he proceeded to flush it down the toilet.

The victim, a 42-year-old lawyer, was reportedly rushed the hospital, although he is said to have lost a lot of blood, his injuries are apparently non-life threatening.

Daily Mail reports that reactions to the story have been mixed, with some saying that they feel bad for the victim, and others saying that they understand why the husband did what he did.

Sources: Daily Mail, Straits Times / Photo credit: Olga Filoneko/Flickr


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