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Bombs Intended For ISIS Allegedly Emblazoned With "From Paris, With Love" (Photos)

The U.S. and France have ramped up their bombing campaign against ISIS in Syria following the attack in Paris which left more than 120 people dead. Pictures (below) of missiles inscribed with the phrase “From Paris, with love" have gone viral.

The photos appear to be of Hellfire missiles and GBU-31 2,000 GPS guided bombs, known as JDAMs, The Washington Post reported. 

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However, the "From Paris, with love" inscription has not yet been verified. Some journalists believe the images have been edited to add the text in digitally. BBC journalist Julia Macfarlane tweeted that the images were “clearly photoshopped.”

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Despite the uncertainty surrounding those images, the U.S. has a long history of writing notes on their bombs, especially during WWII.

Sources: The Washington Post, Julia Macfarlane/Twitter / Photo credit: Image via Breaking911

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