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Bodyguard Crashes Boss's $1.5 Million Sports Car (Photos)

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A bodyguard in England was fined after crashing his boss’s expensive sports car while it was uninsured.

Andy Danso was reportedly driving his boss’s Pagani Zonda back from receiving a road safety test when he crashed it into a fence in Wembley, in northwest London. The 43-year-old initially told police he swerved to avoid hitting a “silver car." 

He changed his story after closed-circuit camera footage showed no evidence of a silver car, clarifying that he was adjusting his seat and lost control of the car. 

Danso later admitted that he was embarrassed to admit the real reason behind the crash. 

“I just lifted the lever up and went to push it back,” he said.

“It was stiff to start off with so I pushed a bit harder and my foot slipped forward on the right hand side of the accelerator and pushed it down. At that point the car accelerated and the back of the car pulled to the left.”

The bodyguard was convicted of driving the car without care or attention, as well as driving a car without proper insurance. 

“Finding the seat was uncomfortable, because you were too close to the steering wheel, you continued on the journey,” District Judge Denis Brennan said.

“Whereas a reasonable and prudent driver would have pulled over you didn’t and as far as that there was an accident. Therefore I find you guilty.”

Sources: Daily Mail, Metro / Photo credit: Screenshot via Daily Mail


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