Blindfolded Groom Tricked By Fake Bungee Jump (Video)


An unidentified groom was recently tricked by his buddies into thinking he was going bungee jumping in Irun, Spain (video below).

The Local notes that the man's friends strapped the blindfolded and underwear-clad groom into a harness, and told him that they were on a bridge.

In reality, they had him poised to jump off a curb.

As he built up the courage to jump, the groom started breathing very heavily. His friends did a countdown and shouted at him to jump.

He finally jumped off the curb, hit the street and started laughing.

The video of the prank was uploaded on YouTube on July 21, and has over 600,000 views.

A toilet-themed cafe may sound like a prank, but it's for real in Semarang, Indonesia, notes Agence France-Presse.

Clothed Jamban Cafe customers sit on toilets and eat dishes such as bakso -- meatballs floating in soup.

The meals are served in squat loos, which are toilet-shaped slabs.

Barf bags are provided for guests who can't handle the potty theme of the eatery, which is meant to educate folks on sanitation and encourage them to use toilets.

Indonesia has a high rate of poverty and it's not unusual for people to defecate in public.

"This cafe serves as a reminder that many people in Indonesia still do not have toilets," cafe owner Budi Laksono said.

The ex-public health official admits his toilet theme doesn't always go over well in the mostly Muslim country.

"Many critics say the cafe is inappropriate and against Islamic law," Laksono added.

"I was disgusted at first, but I eventually ate some of the food out of curiosity," Mukodas, a customer, told the news service.

"I think the idea is pretty interesting because if you try to have a campaign without a gimmick like this, the information won't stick," the 27-year-old customer added.

Annisa Dhea, a 15-year-old girl, was initially grossed out, but said she felt better after "the owner told me that the food was clean and hygienic."

Sources: The Local, AFP via Yahoo! News / Photo credit: Jaime Cuesta/YouTube

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