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Space Debris Found In Spain And Turkey (Photos)

Three black orbs have reportedly been discovered over the past week near a village in rural Spain after they fell from space.

The objects, weighing about 50 pounds each, are thought to be space debris, reports. A fourth orb was found in Turkey near the Black Sea.

The first mysterious object was discovered on Nov. 4 in a field near the Spanish town of Mula, notes. The second and third objects was discovered over the weekend of Nov. 6-8: One was discovered in the Spanish town of Calasparra and the other was discovered in the Turkish town of Sakarya Karasu.

“In the early morning of the day when the first object was found, witnesses said they saw between six and seven balls of fire falling from the sky,” Maria Jose Gomariz, spokeswoman for Calasparra town hall, said on Nov. 12, according to

“Maybe there were just two balls of fire and it looked like there were more, or some may have fallen in areas where no one goes," she added.

The Civil Guard was sent to investigate the objects, and they determined that they pose no risk of radiation or to human health.

On Nov. 12, the Spanish Interior Ministry released photos of Civil Guard members inspecting the space debris that had fallen on Nov. 4. Here are the photos, courtesy of

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The fourth object was discovered on Nov. 10 in the Spanish town of Elda.

“It looks like a piece from an aerospace vehicle, but not a commercial plane. It could be a piece of satellite or something similar,” an Alicante police spokesperson told AFP after the police received the third object.

Nonetheless, the objects are causing concern among local residents.

“Where are these objects coming from?” Jose Velez, Mayor of Calasparra, asked, according to “Why are they falling here precisely?”

Velez also wondered what would happen "if any of these balls fall into a highly populated area."

“I think it is a more serious issue than it seems,” he added. “Citizens have real concerns about what is happening and deserve an explanation.”

El Pais, a Spanish daily, titled an editorial on the subject, “Houston, we have a problem.”

According to NASA, there are approximately 500,000 pieces of space debris orbiting Earth, with some falling to Earth each year.

A large piece of space debris, known as WT1190F, is predicted to fall into the Indian Ocean sometime around Nov. 14, astronomers say. Some have speculated that the orbs discovered in Spain could have broken away from this object.

Sources:, / Photo credit: Spanish interior ministry via

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