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Strange Creature Appears In Taiwan (Video)

Strange Creature Appears In Taiwan (Video) Promo Image

Footage of a strange-looking insect has the internet buzzing about what it could possibly be (video below).

The disturbing footage was captured by Huang Meilan in Taiwan, the Daily Mail reported. It shows a mysterious creature writhing on top of some rocks on the ground.

Meilan said she was shocked by the sight, adding that she had "never seen anything like it before."

"I found this on the ground and it caught my eye," Meilan told the Daily Mail. "It was so strange and people said different things about it. But I wanted to know what it actually was."

Meilan posted the video online in a bid to identify the strange creature. Some thought it could be horsehair worms tangled together. The worms become entwined when they use a host to mate.

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Others had more creative ideas, suggesting the creature could be of a mutant species or even an alien life form.

"It could be a new creature made from a genetic mutation that we've never seen before," wrote one user. "It's a bit freaky watching it, it looks like an alien life form that has got lost on earth."

"Just wonder if a rat goes near and gets trapped," wrote another. "Looks like a group of parasites stuck together."

"horsehair worms, female with males coiled around her, mating," suggested one YouTube user.

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"Insects have six legs," observed another user. "thats not an insect."

"in canada we call them horsehair snakes, very common," added another.

Other users referenced the popular "Spiderman 3" movie, which featured the character Venom.

"A lot of 'Spiderman3-venom' going on there," wrote one user.

"its venom, i would fuse with it," quipped another.

Other users shared their own stories with strange creatures.

"I saw a really weird insect once. It actually kind of alarmed me so I called our Dept. of the Environment that handles this kind of thing to describe it because I didn't know if it was poisonous or what. They got all excited because I guess they like examining strange bugs and said they'd never heard of anything with that description," wrote another user. "They then asked ME if I could capture it in a glass bottle and bring it to them-this is the experts here; why couldn't they come get it? I said "O.k., I'll be right there" and then went and dosed it with a big can of Raid and it flew off. No way in hell was I going to go try and catch that thing. So much for that."

Sources: Daily Mail, Teezily T-shirts/YouTube / Featured Image: Pixabay / Embedded Images: Viral Press via Daily Mail, Alastair Rae/Flickr

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