Russian Socialite: Nice Attack Ruined My Yacht Trip


Christina Sysoeva, 35-year-old ex-wife of an unidentified British billionaire, was reportedly aboard a yacht when the Bastille Day terrorist attack took place in Nice, France, killing at least 84 people.

This according to her many social media posts, the Daily Mail notes.

Many of those who saw her posts were reportedly offended by her seemingly casual attitude toward the attack. She complained that it put a crimp in her yachting and caused her to miss a fireworks display.

Although the Russian socialite did once refer to the tragedy as a “horror,” her comments mostly revolved around assuring friends that she (and her diamonds) are safe.

“I'm doing fine, but it's a shame that the fireworks were [canceled],” the Daily Mail quotes her as posting. “We have lots of security, so we're okay! We were relaxing on a yacht, having a dinner, when a Frenchman came and said there was some kind of terrorist attack, that's why we have to leave, return to the coast.

"And the weather was also bad. We were so upset, we wanted to see the fireworks, but then this horror happened, and everything was [canceled]! I'm under great protection, nowadays can't go anywhere without it. I need at least two bodyguards to protect the jewelry."

Her comments sparked backlash online. One person called her a “silicon animal” – an apparent reference to her artificially oversized lips, as seen in her many social media poses.

Meanwhile, in light of the attack in Nice, French President Francois Holland has extended the country's state of emergency for three months, reports The Atlantic. It had originally been scheduled to lapse on July 26.

The perpetrator, identified by police as a Tunisia-born man, was shot and killed at the end of his bloody rampage.  

It was the third terrorist attack in France in the past 19 months. In January 2015, 11 people were shot dead at the Paris offices of the satirical publisher Charlie Hebdo followed in November of that year by another mass shooting, as well as three suicide bombings, in Paris that left 129 people dead, according to euronews.

This latest attack happened on July 14, when a large truck drove through a crowd of Bastille Day celebrators in the city of Nice.

Sources: Daily Mail, The Atlanticeuronews / Photo Credit: Christina Sysoeva/CEN via Daily Mail

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