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Billboard Smashes Into Motorcyclist During Rush Hour (Video)

An unidentified motorcyclist was struck by a billboard in Beijing, China, on May 4 (video below).

A dash cam filmed the biker as he stops in the street while strong winds blow during rush hour, notes RT.

Suddenly, the billboard is pulled from its rigging, flies across the street and slams into the biker.

It's not known if the man survived or how badly he was injured.

According to the Chinese news site, a man was killed after being struck in the head with debris in the Haidian District, reports the Daily Mail.

The heavy wind in Beijing followed a sandstorm that battered the city for two days, creating conditions so dangerous that Beijing's Municipal Bureau of Meteorology told people not to go outside. The sandstorm knocked down a number of trees that then blocked major roadways, making travel difficult around the city.

RT readers had plenty to say about the motorcyclist:

[I]t's a good thing his helmet was garding the back seat or else he might have been hurt.

[T]o me it looks like a hard hat for construction not a helmet.

[I] hate when that happens.

Now that is what I call "IN YOUR FACE" ADVERTISING!

The way that billboard came was actually pretty goofy. Good luck whoever you are, know that the universe disliked you this day.

It was brutal.

But the Universe chose that specific man with a helmet on, so maybe it really wanted him to take notice of the message on the billboard. It's a sign!!!

I thought they had the headline wrong as it's usually a biker smashing into a billboard. The billboard strikes back!

[G]ot his attention at last.

Talk about getting clotheslined off your scooter. Hope the guy is ok.

[W]indy days, meh, shucks, when you're a biker.

Tip for riding a scooter in asia. Clear hazards quickly & Dont stop for anything....especially cops.

Not all the news coming out of Beijing is grim. A 5-year-old boy has become a sensation in the city because of his calligraphy skills.

The People's Daily China posted a Facebook video of Huang Zicheng showing off his work at Taoranting Park.

Zicheng has been practicing calligraphy since was 3 years old; he reportedly learned the skill from some elderly folks in the park.

In the Facebook video, the famous street calligrapher draws a crowd as he scrawls on a sidewalk.

Sources: RT, Daily Mail, People's Daily China/Facebook / Photo Credit: N509FZ/Wikimedia Commons

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