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Ben & Jerry's Australia Offers Scoops of LGBTQ Rights

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Ben & Jerry's, the American ice cream maker from Vermont, has decided to weigh in on Australian politics in a unique way.

On May 24, the creator of tongue-in-cheek flavors such as "Apple-y Ever After," "Cherry Garcia" and "Stephen Colbert's Ameri-cone Dream" announced that it would ban Australians from ordering two scoops of the same flavor until marriage equality laws are passed in the upcoming election.

The company has a history of using its product to make statements in support of a wide variety of progressive causes. In October 2016, Ben & Jerry's caused an online stir when it officially came out in support of Black Lives Matter, causing pro-police website Blue Lives Matter to respond by calling for a nationwide boycott of Ben & Jerry's products, according to Pacific Standard.

The decision to hold Australia's taste buds hostage in exchange for the LGBTQ rights victory might be Ben & Jerry's most brazen foray in support of marriage equality yet, but the ice cream maker has always been active in the cause, previously pushing for legalization of same-sex marriage across England and America.

It is currently illegal for two men or two women to get married in Australia. According to the Huffington Post, though, 70 percent of Australians support same-sex marriage, and the conversation around it is ongoing in the country's Parliament and political institutions.

If the country's politicians can't be swayed through their stomachs, Ben & Jerry's has a backup plan to tug at their heartstrings. The company has set up a sort of unofficial post system to deliver messages in support of marriage equality to members of Parliament.

According to Global News, each of Ben & Jerry's 26 stores across Australia will feature a post box through which people can send postcards to their MPs with reasons why they believe same-sex marriage should be legalized. Ben & Jerry's has promised to deliver those messages of support before the Australian Parliament's final session.

In a statement to the Huffington Post, Imogen Rugg, Ben & Jerry's Australia spokesperson, said:

We are proud to be standing alongside The Equality Campaign to continue the fight for marriage equality in Australia … Ben & Jerry's has a long and proud history of commitment to social justice, including LGBTQI rights and marriage equality. This commitment is grounded in our company's core values and an unshakable belief that everyone deserves full and equal civil rights.

Sources: Huffington Post,Global News, Pacific Standard / Photo credit: Uziel302/Wikimedia Commons

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