Belgian Police Shoot Man Carrying Explosives-Laden Bag

Belgian police have apprehended a suspected terrorist who was reportedly carrying a suitcase full of explosives.

Police in Brussels captured the suspect in the Schaerbeek area of the city on March 25 after shooting him in the leg at a tram stop, The Telegraph reports.

Mobile phone footage obtained by the news source shows the man lying on the ground in front of the tram stop, clutching a bag as a bomb disposal robot approaches him.

Police are then seen dragging the suspect away from the broken glass and bullet casings littered tram stop.

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The man's suitcase was full of explosives.

A young girl was reportedly with the suspect when police engaged him at the tram stop.

"We heard 'Don't move.' The man was sitting at the bus stop, a bus stop with a glass wall, and we heard a small detonation and a big detonation," area resident Norman Kabir told reporters, according to The Telegraph.

"Then the police came, took the little girl who was shouting 'Dad', she seemed terrified and the man got shot in the leg anyway because he was still moving," Kabir continued.

The suspect is believed to have been part of a foiled terrorist attack in France, and is suspected to have been involved in the March 22 bombings in Brussels.

The Belgian federal prosecutor said the man is being questioned, ABC News reports.

Since March 24, there have been nine arrests made in Belgium and two in Germany of suspected terrorists involved in the Brussels and Paris terrorist attacks, The Telegraph reports.

Thirty-one people died in the Brussels terrorist attacks, with at least 300 wounded.

Sources: The Telegraph (2), ABC News / Photo credit: The Telegraph

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