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Bank Employees Get Spankings In China (Video)

Eight employees of the Changzhi Zhangze Rural Commercial Bank were spanked in Changzhi, China, June 18 (video below).

Jiang Yang, a trainer hired by the bank, sternly asked the employees, "Why you ranked the lowest today?" notes the People's Daily Online.

The employees then answered one-by-one: "I did not exceed myself," and, "I did not coordinate with my team," and, "I lacked courage," reports BBC News.

Yang told the employees to "get your butts ready," and spanked them with a paddle. In addition to the spankings, the employees reportedly had their hair cut against their will.

According to the Shanxi Rural Credit Cooperatives, a bank regulator, this training session featured trainers from the Hongfeng Leadership Academy in Shanghai.

The Shanxi Rural Credit Cooperatives said the training has ceased, has asked the spanker/trainer to apologize and suspended the bank's chairman and deputy governor.

The bank is in talks with employees about financial compensation from the training company for the humiliation.

In a video apology, Yang said that the spankings had "nothing to do" with the bank's executives, and that the group whipping was "a training model I have tried for years," notes BBC News. reports that some Twitter users applauded the spankings and wanted the paddle used on bankers in their countries, although it's not clear if they understood why these spankings in China took place:

Now, I want someone who'll line bankers up on the White House lawn for a harsh spanking, not someone who'll cut deals with them.

In the wake of all these banking scandals, perhaps we should spank our bankers over here too.

If only they'd done that to Western bankers years ago...

Spotted this at #EndAusterityNow and thought of @NIAbbot Hmm, bankers need a good spanking....or the odd prosecution.

Spanking errant bankers – what a good idea! BBC News - Video shows staff at China bank being spanked.

They should line up some central bankers for a few rounds of spanking.

I would argue that a few Britons wouldn't mind spanking a few 'bankers?'

Sources: People's Daily Online, BBC News / Photo credit: Unknown Original Source via YouTube

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