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Ballerina Dances On Busy Road In Freezing Weather (Video)

An unidentified woman dressed as a ballerina was filmed Feb. 6 dancing in traffic in Moscow (video below).

According to, the freezing temperature that day was about one degree.

The woman, in her classical ballet outfit, is seen warming up her moves on the sidewalk before moving into traffic.

Several Facebook users speculated why the woman chose the unusual performance: losing a bet, drug use, viral marketing and mental health problems.

Facebook user Tatyana Zhukova, who originally posted the video, wrote: "And they say abroad that we have bears walking our streets! But look at us: we’re a cultured country! We have ballerinas!”

The Russian newspaper Komsomolskaya Pravda has asked its readers to send in tips on the woman's identity.

Another Russian ballerina, Anastasia Volochkova, made news in May 2015 when she showed off her new figure after being axed by the Bolshoi Ballet for being overweight in 2003.

The 39-year-old posted pictures of herself on social media while on vacation in the Maldives, noted the Daily Mail.

"I was swimming in the ocean and experienced a heavy tropical rain," she wrote in a caption. "It was sunny weather and next minute clouds and a strong wind appeared."

"How are you out there people?" Volochkova asked. "I have decided to move to another villa. It is so sunny in here. What a great island this Velassaru is."

One of her social media pictures include a non-clothed shot, which drew criticism.

"I guess that strong wind was the reason she had lost her bra and panties?" one commenter wrote.

A second critic noted: "She should be ashamed of herself, she has children, they have eyes too."

After Volochkova was fired by the Bolshoi Ballet, she went to court, and the ballet company was ordered to take her back. While Volochkova was technically a member again, she didn't get offered any dancing spots after 2004.

Volochkova went on to have a career as a solo dancer, actress and model. She appeared in movies and TV shows, and modeled for a jewelry line.

Sources:, Daily Mail / Photo credit: AJ.iitm/Wikimedia Commons

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