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Bagels Start Wild Fights On Train (Video)

Fights broke out on a train in the UK in the early morning hours of Feb. 26 because passengers were placing bagels on travelers' heads (video below).

Thankfully, one passenger, Dougie Stew, filmed the chaotic scene and posted the footage on Twitter with the caption: "Welcome to London #BagelGate." Stew's tweet of the video has been liked more than 22,000 times.

Men and women were allegedly involved in three separate fights on the train before the chaos ended in a brawl on the Potters Bar station platform, the Evening Standard reports.

In the opening shot of Stew's video, a woman is seen balancing a bagel on her head. The video then cuts to one woman continuously shoving another woman, and eventually more women are seen intervening.

Then, one man can be seen becomeing particularly angry after someone places a bagel on his head and people yell: "He’s got a bagel on his head."

Someone called the British Transport Police, and the loud scene suddenly grew quiet when officers boarded the train in Hertfordshire. After the violence, the train was reportedly held at the station for roughly 18 minutes as authorities took statements from the crowd.

Stew recalled the incident for the Evening Standard:

There were two different events going on. One was a verbal then physical fight between two groups of girls, the other was an onslaught of bagels to a random guy’s head.

It seemed like the girls behind him had a never ending amount of bagels on them to the enjoyment of the rest of the carriage but not to the poor guy.

Then it all kicked off at Potters Bar where another group started fighting and took some of the lads outside to settle their differences. We were held at the station by police for about half an hour until it was all resolved.

Stew described the scenario as "entertaining," and added that "there were enough level headed people on the train to jump on when things were turning ugly."

"By Hatfield everyone was best friends again," Stew concluded.

Speaking on behalf of the Great Northern train service, a spokesman said: "We work very closely with the British Transport Police to address this sort of anti-social [behavior]. If anyone experiences something similar, they can text the police discreetly on 61016."

Police have not made any arrests in connection to the fights, as no one made allegations of assault.

Sources: Dougie Stew/Twitter, Evening Standard / Photo Credit: Garyperlman /Wikipedia

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