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U.K. Car Crash: Baby Miraculously Saved By Newly Purchased Stroller (Photos)

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A stroller bought for an unborn baby girl saved her 20-month-old son’s life after the family’s car flipped following a collision.

Baby Kayci and his parents, Vanessa Stansfield and Marcel Blake, were driving in Manchester, England, around 7:30 p.m. on Aug. 21 when they were hit by a red Honda Civic, the Manchester Evening News reported. The Civic then flipped over and landed on the other side of the road. 

Stansfield, who is 24 weeks pregnant, escaped without injury — as did her partner and son. Authorities later revealed that a brand new stroller that was purchased for Kayci’s unborn sister most likely saved the toddler’s life by blocking him from being crushed by the impact of the collision. 

“We had just come out of Asda, turned right and were due to turn right again to go towards Stalybridge on Cavendish Street,” Stansfield told the Manchester Evening News.

“We were parked at the lights with about five or six other cars. I was literally about to say ‘what the hell is that noise?’ we could hear getting closer, but I had no time to speak and the airbags were up and the car was turning around," she added.

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“When we got out we couldn’t even see the car that had hit us because it was on the other side of the road,” she said. “I just remember collapsing into the arms of a woman in a pink top. I was so confused and my partner could barely walk.”

Stanfield noted that a man, who authorities are now trying to track down, bravely intervened following the crash and rescued her son from the vehicle.

“Someone was shouting that the car was going to set on fire. A man rescued our little boy because both of the front seats were jammed,” she said. “This man just dived into the car, into the back, and got my son out.

"It was amazing. We are hoping to trace him to say thank you.”

Sources: Manchester Evening News, Daily Mirror

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