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Baby Dolphin Rescued By Burmese Locals Who Carry It Back To Open Sea (Video)

A baby dolphin was reportedly found stranded at Ngwe Saung Beach in Myanmar after it is believed he lost his way and wandered off from the open sea. But, thanks to the help of Burmese locals, the mammal was rescued -- and the entire incident was caught on video.

The dolphin was attempting to swim back out to sea, but his efforts were continually thwarted by strong waves that pushed him back toward the shore, reports the Daily Mail. Locals reportedly tried to help him swim back out, but the strong tide prevented them from making any progress.

Then the locals had an idea: they reportedly rented a speedboat and lifted the dolphin onto it as if he were a baby. Despite all of the humans attempting to intervene, the dolphin didn't struggle. 

The video captures the moment in which the locals released the baby dolphin into the open sea. 

Source: Daily Mail/Photo Credit:


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