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Baby Chicks Allegedly Dyed, Sold As Toys In Thailand (Video)


Baby chicks in Thailand are reportedly being dyed pink, stuffed into bags, and sold as children’s toys, as seen in the video below. 

The video shows a baby chicken, captured on film by 33-year-old Gina Jones while on vacation, walking around in the back of a truck while others are seen inside of a plastic bag.

“At first I couldn’t work out how the chick had got there,” Jones said of the moment she discovered the colored bird. “But then the pink bird hopped onto the back of a nearby dusty truck.”

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“Tossed into the back of it were plastic bags full of little chicks. They were all dyed in different [colors]. Some were pink, others bright yellow and green,” she continued. “The original pink chick seemed to lead us over to them where he tweeted to us. Meanwhile the other little chicks inside the bags tweeted back. A few pecked to try and escape but the plastic bags were tied.”

Some of the birds, Jones said, appeared to be having trouble breathing. 

It is believed that chicks were being dyed and packaged for the purpose of being sold as toys.

“It was a very upsetting experience,” Jones said. “The chicks had no water and no food. We haven’t stopped worrying about their fate since.”

Watch the disturbing footage below.

Sources: Metro, YouTube

Photo Credit:, YouTube Screenshot


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