Baby Boy Found Buried Alive In China (Photos)


Law enforcement officials rescued a baby in China who was buried alive in a shallow grave out in the country’s wilderness.

The baby boy appeared to be abandoned for as long as 10 days on a hillside in China’s Guangxi province.

According to CNN, the boy was likely abandoned due to a cleft lip and a congenital defect.

The police as well as the Civil Affairs Bureau are caring for the boy.

The child was born on April 20 and released from the hospital after being treated for a fever.

However, the actions of the baby’s family aroused suspicions from the hospital staff.

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“Normal parents ask the hospital to provide a birth certificate and arrange for medical insurance,” Wu Weili, deputy director of pediatrics at Tiandong County People’s Hospital, told news agency Xinhua, “but this family didn’t want a birth certificate and left immediately after paying the bill.

“We do not know exactly what happened during the period of time when the baby was discharged from the hospital on April 24th and when he was admitted to the hospital again on May 4th," Wu added.

The family allegedly hired a man to get rid of their child for $290, according to CNN.

The man left the child in a cardboard box in a graveyard in the hills to die from exposure on April 24. He returned two days later to bury him.

Later, a woman picking herbs nearby heard the child cry. After informing fellow villagers and the police, they were able to save the child and rushed him to the hospital.

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According to Wu, the baby was coughing up mud and was covered with scratches and bruises.

The infant’s survival astounded medical officials.

“It really is incredible,” Wu said.

The baby’s parents, grandmothers, as well as the man who attempted to kill him have since been arrested for attempted murder.

The infant is currently in the hospital with a team of medical professionals caring for his health. The hospital will release him later this week.

Source: CNN, The Independent 

Photo Credit: CNN, CEN via Mirror


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