Baby Boy Flown To Slovakia After Mother Refuses To Take Care Of Him

Two British social workers flew with a 6-month-old baby boy to Bratislava, Slovakia, after his mother settled in Britain and decided she no longer wished to look after him, according to the Daily Mail.

The flight from Liverpool, England, to Bratislava came after British authorities made contact with a Slovakian organization about the child, known only as Benjamin.

“The British informed us that the baby is legally our responsibility,” said Andrea Cisarova, chief of the Slovak Center for International Legal Protection of Children and Youth. “We put in to take it back immediately.”

The organization provides legal protection to children in foreign countries. Although he was in the UK, Benjamin had a Slovakian passport.

The handover to Slovakian social workers at Bratislava airport went smoothly, although the British social workers who took the trip noted that Benjamin seemed a little nervous.

“His teeth are growing, so he was crying a little bit more, but he is a cute baby and is at the moment all right,” one of the social workers said.

For now, Benjamin will be cared for at a children’s center while a surrogate family is found. He will then be put up for adoption.

Benjamin’s mother, who remained unnamed in media reports, has decided to stay on in the UK.

“I hope that his life here will be good,” a Slovakian social worker said. “He will grow up in his homeland and he will learn his own culture. I think he will be happy.”

Sources: Daily Mail, Mirror.co.uk / Photo credit: Daily Mail


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