Massive Avalanche Buries Small Russian Town (Video)


The small town of Kirovsk, Russia, was buried under a huge avalanche on Feb. 18 that one resident caught on video (below).

“We can confirm that the avalanche descended in the vicinity of Kukisvumchorr Mountain,” a Russian Emergencies Ministry spokeswoman told

RIA Novosti reported that one man, who was a member of an anti-avalanche team, was buried under the snow and did not survive.

The avalanche happened after what was supposed to be a controlled anti-avalanche detonation by the team. noted that the area was covered by an avalanche after an explosion.

LifeNews, a Russian TV channel, reported that there could be more people buried under the thick snow.

The Russian Emergencies Ministry said that more than a dozen rescue personnel were sent to the small town of 30,000 that sits about 70 miles north of the Arctic Circle.

Sources: via Google Translate / Photo Credit: ГлавNews/YouTube

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