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Austrian Baker Defends His 9/11 Themed Cake

Pastries normally don’t make international news, but a cake created by Thomas Kienbauer, the owner of the Alexander patisserie in Vienna, Austria, is an exception. Kienbauer created a 9/11 themed cake to express his dissatisfaction with Austrian politics.

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The cake features planes slamming into the twin towers, which have been decorated with colors of the Social Democrats, known as SPO, and the conservative People’s Party, known as OVP, two parties that are in the governing coalition in Austria. 

The planes are also symbolically colored, the Greens and the right-wing Freedom Party, known as FPO. On top of the towers a plane that crashed into the Pentagon is meant to symbolize Austrian liberals.

"Austrian politics has been dominated by two big parties for years. The twin towers represent their supremacy which is hard to damage. However, times have never been better to shake Austrian politics up and to stop a series of wrong decisions," Kienbauer told The Washington Post in an email.

"My customers have predominantly reacted positively to my latest creation," Kienbauer said. “I know about the sensitivity of 9/11 and I certainly did not want to ridicule the tragedy”

He told the newspaper Kronen Zeitung that he wanted to make a bold statement about the current state of affairs. “Sometimes, you have to present an exaggerated view of the situation if you really want to make a point,” he said.

Despite the political statement, Kienbauer is worried about how the cake will be perceived. "One needs to know the context which motivated me to make it," he said.

Austrian political analyst Thomas Hofer told The Washington Post it was an “inhuman comparison.”

"Certainly, there have been scandals in the Austrian justice system within the last years and former top politicians have suspiciously become managers of national companies — but to compare the erosion of an electorate with the fall of the twin towers is impious," Hofer said.

People on Twitter reacted angrily to the cake. “This made me almost physically sick. Everything lumped together. Unbelievable,” tweeted a man named Adam who uses the handle @skoops. Simon Tartarotti (@SimonTartarotti) agreed. “This pastry-cook tends to mix incompatible things. 9/11 + local elections in Vienna = WTF?”

Kienbauer has no intention of getting rid of the cake.

Sources: RT, The Washington Post

Image: Thomas Kien via RT


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